Having been a waiter, barman, offset printer, cook, nature guide, limousine driver, postman, educator to the environment; you could easily call me a Jack of all trades.

This variety of jobs, or most of them, drew me away, for a long period, from ecology, animal welfare, biodiversity, the love of Nature. What, basically, corresponded to my initial interests in life.

Here are a couple of examples which will demonstrate what I am trying to say. They date back a long time ago, as far as my memory can go regarding these topics:

a) Feeling a pain inside as I watched a TV program showing very large trees crashing to the ground after being felled by men. The scene was probably occurring in the Amazon (already!) Remembering very clearly the house where my parents, my brother and I lived at the time, I would say that I was about 5 years old.

b) Being upset after seeing on the front page of a newspaper the picture of a female elephant which had been massacred for her tusks. Terrible deed , still happening today, alas. I was in tears. What did upset me so much, to the point of not being able to find sleep at night, was that the female elephant was about to give birth. I was eight years old.

My random lifestyle allowed me to work in many different fields. To travel a lot as well. For a long period, maybe for too long, I had lost contact with what is really in tune with my inner self.

Working as a nature guide in Australia, was going to be the triggering factor which would “put me back on tracks”. I lived on the oldest continent on earth for twelve years, eight of them working as a nature guide. Mainly around Cairns and Daintree in far north Queensland, in the Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania, and in the Broome and Kimberley areas on the north west coast of Australia.

After divorcing, I decided to go back to France, my native country, the most beautiful place in the world. There, and as usual, I worked in different fields, as well as working as a volunteer on two eco-building projects “Le Hameau des buis” in the south of France, an eco-village put together by Sophie Rabhi, daughter of Pierre Rabhi, famous French ecologist and humanist. The other eco-building project I participated to, was set up by "Greenfriends a non for profit organisation headed by the Amma mouvement. Amma is an Indian guru, considered to be a saint in her native country. To the best of my knowledge, Amma is the only contemporary spiritual leader talking and acting so much for the care of the environment.

I also have been employed for the “Parc Alpha”, a wolf park situated near the Italian border in the south of France, as head of the activities department. Simultaneously, I worked as a volunteer in the Abruzzio National Park in Italy, for a non for profit organisation, “A pas de loup, des volontaires pour la nature.”

In 2007, wit a few of people from the village where I lived, we created a non for profit organisation. The aim of it was to educate the public, to the preservation of the environment. My main task during this venture, had been to organised a Nature Market with about fifteen stalls. This organisation, “Bien-être et Ecologie au Vallonnet”, was also aiming at make discover spiritual practices linked to the natural world. I also worked as a volunteer for a summer camp with fourteen teenagers. Together, we built a solar cooker. The Bathan is a machine adapted from the Vesta spread by Eerik Wissenz and Lorin Symington from the non for profit organisation, Solar Fire, Eva Cantavenera being the president of. Eva, Eerick and myself are the founding members of the French division of Solar Fire. An article, summarising the summer camp, has been printed in the latest issue of “Encre Verte”, published by the network “Ecole et nature.”

Despite all of that, I haven’t been able to re-acclimate myself to the French life style, so I have returned to Australia a little while ago, for a new start with loads of projects in mind.

As you can tell, the current ecological crisis I saw coming since my childhood, makes me spend most of my time, reading, talking, writing and acting upon it.

My humble participation to Natural Writers is now part of this daily routine.