What is our objective?
To contribute a stone to the ecological-humanitarian movement by being active ourselves as well as writing about our own experiences and of the experience of the countless forums of action and ideas that exist in the world. The more we discuss and write the more we are to read and say and the more we have a chance to be heard.

Why regroup texts?
Nothing is certain in the turning of the world, nothing is definitive and there are things to be done. Well written words, ideas, visions, reporting, information, things seen, things heard, things imagined must circulate, exchange and correspond. We are convinced that ideas must be shared and participate in the resolution of our problems as words and arts are since their beginning tools for reflection, imagination and action.

Who can contribute?
This site is open to those that use writing (in the form of philosophy, articles, blogs, poetry, photos, etc.) to tell, imagine, testify, or share things and are concretely engaged in the preservation of the environments of life. Though language, words and symbols belong to everyone, not everyone is a writer!

What are the sites domains?
There is no limit to what can be explored since the notion of environment do not concern only plants, minerals, and animals. Ecology is not only of interest to activists, political parties, dreamers, and marketers. Though nature and humanity are central, philosophy, politics, economy, the arts, spirituality, science, actions and terrain are all part of the whole.

What is the difference with a news or blog site?
Probably time ... since ideas are less attached to current events than most journalists or bloggers. Also, the lengths of texts here is completely free, the organization is not fixed, there is no publicity, and the writers are not paid.