Ecological bibliography

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Abram (David), The Spell of the Sensuous
Capra (Fritjof), The Tao of Physics
Giono (Jean), The Man who planted Trees
Hickman (Leo), The Final Call - in search of the real cost of our holidays
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Jones (Tobias), Utopian Dreams - in search of a good life
Naess (Arne), Life’s Philosophy
Snyder (Gary), The Practice of the Wild
Suzuki (David) with Mc Connell (Amanda), The Sacred balance
Thoreau (H. D.), Walden or life in the woods

And movies...
An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore
Battle in Seattle, Stuart Townsend
Baraka, Ron Fricke
Dances With Wolves, Kevin Costner
Dreamkeeper, Steve Barron
La Belle Verte, Coline Serreau
We Feed the World, Erwin Wagenhofer