Hozho and other dreams... Solander and Angélique Boudet

So many travels, so many thoughts, so many explorations begin with one question: tell me, do you think things could be different? It is a question as persistent as a walking vision, which will come again some nights later to enter our sleep. And sometimes deep inside of us, we have those commanding noisy dreams, dreams of power and lucidity which are able to sweep away all our doubts and sad hesitations of retreating restlessness. You dream of elsewhere, and elsewhere, through the dream, is already becoming you.
You decide a country, you decide a journey, you decide a photograph; you decide because your dream would have already placed before your eyes before reality comes and offers it … With words, dreams are sometimes also happy and clear unions. In this way my fleeting visions become the threads of secrets of my thoughts. But always the great day comes ruffling, shaking, astounding and spreading dreams, undressing them from their cloudy skin. Dreams always go to action.

I have a persistent dream with Angélique Boudet’s images : Dreaming and Hozho.

For the Navajos, Hozho represents harmony with the world.

Solander, Marseille, 2007-2009 - translation Eerik Wissenz