Nomade readings

Anselm de Canterbury, Proslogion.
Boethius, The Consolation of Philosophy.
Berlin (Isaiah), The Power of Ideas.
Blake (William), Selected poems.
Dante, The Divine Comedy.
Donne (John), Collected Works.
Douglass (Frederick), The Education of F. Douglass.
Gibran (Khalil), The Prophet.
Jonas (Hans), The Imperative of Responsibility.
Kant (Emanuel), On Education.
Marcus Aurelius, Meditations.
Paton (Alan), Cry, the beloved country.
Plato, The Republic.
Heller (Joseph), Catch 22.
Hemingway (Ernest), Old man and the sea.
Hesse (Hermann), Siddharta.
Lao Tseu, Tao Te King.
MacIntyre (Alasdair), After Virtue. A study in moral theory.
Orwell (George), 1984.
Qohelet, Ecclesiastes.
Russell (Bertrand), Proposed roads to freedom.
Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince.
Shakespeare, Hamlet.
Spinoza (Baruch), Ethique.
Suzuki (David) with Mc Connell (Amanda), The Sacred balance.
Thoreau (H. D.), Walden.
Tolkien (J. R. R.), Lord of the rings.
Twain (Mark), The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.
Voltaire, Candide.
Vonnegut (Kurt), Slaughterhouse 5.