Sea shores - Solander and Angélique Boudet

You stand there.
Where life of earth stops right in front of the sea.
Feet into the sand, head in the sky
feeling like to play, deeply breathing the smell of a greasy chichi doughnut
together with a sea breeze filled with Mistral.
You stand there
in front of all that Mediterranean sea
The building-ships loathe their freights of emigration
And of holidays.
They come, they go and come again.
From shore to shore, the ports die down at night time.
Beaches come to life with games, with the noise of weaked words.
You loook for a place to fly away.
You look for a place to calm down.
You stand there, simply
Under the rocks of the sinuous coast which dreams of silence, the sea beats.
You ! Poor little human, tell me : " What are you thinking of ? Where are you going to ?"
Lost in meditation, obviously cut in half because of the light that peels the eyes,
You stay right here, standing.

Marseille 2007

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Translation Eerik Wissenz