Secret Mushrooms and their Air Roots - MaxT

What do we think we know of Trees ? Only what is obvious to the casual observer ? Or, perhaps we do not even realize to look for what is there ... and if we happen to see a glimpse, we do not recognize what it is ... perhaps it is too mundanely alien to our concepts and world views ?

"Trees are air roots of mycelial entities, mushrooms are the seed pods of the mycelial entities, dropped to the surface from below, dropped from sheltering moist warmth of soil, into the gaseous zone of the planet-side".

What we think of as trees from our habitat’s viewpoint, what we think of as the main part of trees, is barely even conscious that there is the mycelial mass covering the root branches within the soil-sphere ... the underground foliage of moistures and nutrients: the other half of the living Tree that is out of our sights, out of our minds...

There they move around underground in the soil-sphere of the ground, of powdered rock and organic remains of expired critters of yesteryear and millenia ago ... in different timescales somewhat .... sensing around in soil-space with their filaments and connections ... and perhaps, just perhaps, the gaseous zone of air that we and our familiar entities inhabit is a mostly scary, exposed, too bright, zone for them ... just their "air-root beings"...

... And we and their other mysterious symbiotes dwell here in the gaseous zone.... ?

Perhaps the area of moisture — as the moisture areas of soil move with years and decades — feels to mycelial beings something like fresh wind feels to trees ?

What is the mass of mycelia of tree-mycelia entity, compared to the mass of the foliage of tree-mycelia entity ? What about the life inter-reaction functions? What are their proportional sizes ? How can they even be measured, except in cut up disjointed numeric data from here and there ... "Mycelia of Boleate-Birch entity, in soil type X, holds Y% of moisture per cubic yard..." but hat about nutrients ? Nutrient transformations ? Symbiote flows that such moisture and nutrients can invite, encourage, and prosperously inhabit in such niches of the Fractal Habitat Being, Living Holy Planet-side Mold layer we call ecosystem and Creation... and ourselves ? What if conditions change ? Wind increases, air moisture dips slightly, temperature rises a bit ? Is this all too complicated for Quarterly thinking to even acknowledge existing ?