Short bio and Writing Eerik

Articles about energy published in Alternative Canada, L’Être au Monde n°27 (March 2011), Le Grand Soir (Panorama de l’énergie, Impossible nuclear), Bella Ciao, BioContact (Jan. 2010).
See also Solar energy press review.
Currently working on Decentralized Democracy.

Eerik Wissenz runs the Solar Fire since 2007.
He founded SiSustainable.

Finnish-Canadian, he is mostly concerned with furthering and implementing ecological philosophy. Though he has a bit of training in mathematics from university (Ottawa University and Carleton University), outdoor survival from his days as a conscript in the Finnish defence forces, and creativity from his days as a creature, he is mostly self taught.

To apply and test his understanding he has travelled to Mexico, Cuba, Spain, India, France, Sweden and Finland where he lives currently.