Short bio Eva

Eva participates to the Solar Fire Project since 2007.
She’s co-founder of SiSustainable.

PhD of Italian literature at the Sorbonne, Paris, where she had the opportunity to teach 3 years. During many years she translated texts from Italian (notably poet-ethical philosopher Giacomo Leopardi) and built a free-lance career in press and voyage guides, supporting ecology as much as possible (use of recycled paper, organic locations and ways of travelling ecologically...). She left Paris a few years ago to dedicate herself to writing and global ecology. She believes books and solar concentration can be strong tools to spread the reality of non-violence, free mind and more sustainable habits.

Voyaged in all of France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Morocco, Belgium, Netherlands, Turkey, Canada, United States, England, Cuba, Finland and India.

Conversion to a more sustainable life closer to nature in Algonquin Park, Canada.