The Myth of the Innocent Civilian - Harold Thomas

"Tragically, the American people may deserve to be hated - not for their freedom, but for breeding, feeding and turning loose the biggest, meanest dog on the block. Americans originally acquired this big dog (the Federal government and its military) in order to protect themselves and their property from potential intruders. However, over the last 200 years this dog has grown into a monster that has laid claim to virtually the entire yard and half the neighborhood. Americans appear to simultaneously love and fear their "pet protector". Average Americans spend more time working to support it than working to support themselves. They seem to have no will to chain up this dog, even when neighbors complain bitterly about the dog’s trespassing, damaging their property and upsetting their personal affairs.

What are the neighbors to do? They can see that this big mean dog has turned its masters into its slaves and is eating its owner out of house and home. They have watched this big mean dog stage phony fights with other neighborhood dogs, just to drum up support for better food, higher fences at home and more permission to prowl in the dark. The neighbors ask each other, "How can the owners of this big mean dog be so rude as to let it roam around our neighborhood, making a mess of our property? After all, most of them claim to believe in a God that teaches ’Love thy neighbor as thyself’."

Peace-loving neighbors want to feel sorry for the poor owners of this big mean dog; but after all, the owners brought the dog into neighborhood. They feed it and then turn it loose to roam the neighborhood. They even make deals with some of the landlords, making it "legal" for this big mean dog to stay in certain neighbors’ yards even when the people do not want it there - even when its behavior is offensive and destructive of their customs. Some of the neighbors have strong religious objections to dog crap in their yards. Is it so difficult to understand? What is left for these people to do but launch some kind of attack to get the attenton of those who are housing and feeding this big mean dog?

When thinking of the dog’s owners and handlers, words that come to mind are "irresponsible", "selfish", and "bullies". Thinking of the neighbors, the only word that comes to mind is "justified".

If you are feeding the dog, please don’t fall for the myth that you are innocent. Speaking of feeding the dog, when was the last time you stopped to figure out how much of your paycheck winds up in the dog’s food bowl each week? Let’s see: income tax, Social Security tax, property tax, sales tax, excise taxes, state and local taxes, licenses, fees. Are you walking the dog, or is dog walking you? Is this dog protecting you? Or does he own you?

How many Americans have any ideas what their big mean dog has been up to in the neighborhood while they have been asleep? How many Americans understand or event care about the anger felt by many of their neighbors?

Certainly the "upper classes" of many Third World nations have eagerly embraced "Western values". But at what price?

Apparently there are still quite a few people in this world who would rather die than become corporate serfs policed by the Western military and forced to watch their cultural heritage sink into the cesspool of Western "values". Contrary to the ignorant, arrogant beliefs of many Americans, there are plenty of "have-nots" in this world who have no interest in what Americans "have". Until Western governmets, banks and corporations stop trying to cram it down their throats, those who "have not" the capabilities to wage war o our terms, will wage it on their own terms - which probably includes blowing up "innocent civilians".

Shall we then blow up their "innocent civilians"? Blow up suspected terrorists? Terrorist "sympathizers"? "Potential" terrorists? The "self-employed"?

Lest we turn the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave into a paranoid Nazi nuthouse, what we must blow up is this myth of the innocent civilian."

In The Myth of the Innocent Civilian by Harold Thomas, 2002.