The writers and artists of the site are engaged in the preservation of diverse environments by their actions.

Eerik Wissenz dedicates most of his time to the development of deep ecology, from the philosophical basis, to the politics, to solar concentrators on the ground in deforesting areas.
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Eva Wissenz, published also under the pen name of Solander or Eva Cantavenera. Adventure, poetry, engaged articles, and novels are her favorite domains.
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For Olivier Vachez writting is new ! Real traveller he’s interested in the sacred size of the world.
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Angélique Boudet is a French photographer and follow the Hozho’s path where beauty can cure the soul, the heart, the body ... and so the Earth
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Other contributions :
Texts of Harold Thomas, Jeff Knaebel, MaxT, Oriah Mountain Dreamer.

Photos : Angélique Boudet and writers.
Watercolors : Eva Wissenz.