Writing Eva

Eva has animated a writing work-shop for the terminally ill ward (2006-2007) and in a library in France (2010), volunteered at the children’s emergency hospital, and tutored adolescents with academic difficulties.

See her books in French.

Member of the Journalistes pour la Nature et l’Environnement (JNE).
Cooperation with The Different Magazine (in French) : Artisans du changement à l’Unesco, Copenhague : Humanitarian Water & Food Award, Sylvaners, Un entrepreneur gandhien en Inde.

Various articles in French magazines about energy, environment, non-violence, spirituality : Etre au Monde (March 2011), Altermondes (Dec. 2010), S!lence (April 2010, Oct. 2009), Bio Contact (Sept. 2009), L’Encre Verte (Oct. 2009)...
And websites: Alternatives Canada (Huichols and non-violence, Cement for Europe ? and Copenhague), Thomas Sankara, Francophil, EcoSapiens (How to be teen and green?, Sylvaners), Le Grand Soir (here, there, there and there), Bella Ciao (here and there)...